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Dance your Asana

Dance your Asana - a music inspired hatha flow yoga workshop with Liora Lilienfeld

Get wild and free: “Loose yourself to dance asana”! In this hatha flow yoga workshop you will dance through Liora’s favourite yoga sequences, uplifted by her favorite music bites. Be prepared to sweat during this class, to explore the world from a different perspective and to meet the best you. Liora offers a space to set yourself free and let go of the thought how your yoga should be. The reward? You experience freedom in your body, space on your mind and happiness in your heart. This class is for all levels - just come, be groovy and explore the bliss of yoga! 

Datum: Sonntag, 30. Oktober 2016, 14.00-16.00 Uhr. Kosten: CHF 55.- (inkl. MWST)

Bitte frühzeitig anmelden via E-Mail: Beachte, dass eine Anmeldung verbindlich ist und die Kurskosten nicht zurückerstattet werden können.

Liora is a dedicated international yoga teacher from Zurich Switzerland with a strong interest in improving peoples wellbeing and health. She encourages living from the heart and offers an uplifting yoga experience to meet and embrace the best you.

Liora (re)discovered yoga while juggling her studies of communication with a busy job. It became instrumental in her life. Yoga offered her the mental space to be present and reconnect to her unique self. As time passed, she desired to share that ability with others. 
Years of self practice under the guidance of Stephen Thomas and Chris Chavez's Teacher Training she developed the foundations of her teaching skills. Further trainng has lead her to seek the knowledge of reknowned yogis, attending workshops all over the world. Having founded ”Heart Beat UP” (a yoga dance day party label) she has created a unique and innovative yoga trademark. Of highest importance to Liora is teaching future generations the powerful tool of yoga in their growth. With parents sharing this experience, a beautiful connection begins to flourish. For kids, teenagers or adults that are in persuit of their own magic, they should practice Yoga with Liora. In her classes she holds a sacred space for all to explore the benefits of free movement, traditional poses, deep breath and meditation: An exploration within, as well as an opportunity to find value in playing and sharing with others.

Later Event: October 23
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