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Weekend Session I with Julie Martin

  • yogamoves 61 Steinberggasse Winterthur, ZH, 8400 Switzerland (map)

Special Class I & Back Bending Workshop

Julie Martin, Director of Brahmani Yoga and internationally recognised teacher of Vinyasa Flow will be teaching four classes (Weekend Sessions I & II) at yogamoves on the 2nd and 3rd of April 2016. Students have the possibility to choose any class (or classes) within these two days or to get the full experience and be part of all four classes on Saturday and Sunday. The classes will be taught in English.


Special Class I, Saturday 2nd of April, 9.00-12.00h

Exploring different themes Julie will take you on a journey of spirals, waves, pulses, expansion and contraction, breath and awareness, moving and stillness. We will move through a juicy warm up allowing the body to find its own way and then begin layering the depths of strength and length as we work through beautifully choreographed rounds of sequences.

Julie's style of Vinyasa integrates using natural intelligence in the body and breath to find a lyrical, moving meditation that unveils the true yoga within us. Yoga is a process of unfolding, letting go of layers and remaining curious to all the possibilities.  In these classes we will explore how our structure really wants to move and how to enhance our strength and stability without limitations. In the relationship between movement and stillness we can learn to be powerful without strain and mobile without injury. We can learn to breathe with grace. This 3 hour Special Class also includes pranayama and guided meditation. 


Back Bending Workshop, Saturday 2nd of April, 14.00-17.00h

Back bending can be one of the most challenging variety of postures in our asana practice. In this Workshop, we will focus on learning how to overcome limitations by freeing up the front of the body, thus enabling the spine more flexibility. We will discover what limits us in our back bends, whether it be shoulders, hips, breath or even just fear and learn to move beyond these obstacles to create free flowing movement in our back bends.

Julie invites you to be open, receptive and discover all the possibilities and eliminate your limitations.

This is suitable for all levels and styles of yoga practitioners, especially those less confident with back bends.


Fees Weekend Session I:

Special Class 9.00-12.00h, CHF 75.- (incl. MWST)
Back Bending Workshop 14.00-17.00h, CHF 75.- (incl. MWST)
Whole day, Special Class I and Back Bending Workshop: CHF 140.- (incl. MWST)
Whole weekend (Weekend Session I & Session II): CHF 260.- (incl. MWST)

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Biography Julie Martin

Julie Martin

Julie Martin, Director of Brahmani Yoga is an internationally recognised teacher of Vinyasa Flow. She has been teaching for over 20 years and running highly respected teacher training programmes since 2004.

A former dancer, Julie imbues her classes with grace and fluidity, and the process of discovery guided by the continual emergence of anatomical information applied to this modern asana practice.  Passionate about remaining true to the body and connection to a deeper experience, the questions are always: “How does it feel to be in this body now?” and “Is my practice still serving me?”

Through encouraging play, curiosity and awareness, each class becomes a journey through body and mind, fusing the qualities of traditional yoga with personal discovery and self expression.

Julie’s aim is to guide students towards awareness and inspire presence, to find freedom in movement, and move towards stillness, to our true practice, our true selves.

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