Stephen Thomas

Stephen Thomas is a devoted Yoga practitioner and teacher, leading regular Yoga classes, workshops and immersions as well as Teacher Training programs in Asia and Europe. His teaching is rooted in the traditional Hatha Yoga practices of Asana, Pranayama and Meditation. Asana as the other major part of Stephen’s teaching has been influenced by the Alignment principals of Iyengar as well as the Anusara methods, but even more of his self-experienced transformational elements of the Ashtanga Vinyasa system. His intention in the physical realm is to present asana in an alignment-based, dynamic form, designed to suite the individual growth of the student as a way to purify and stabilize the system, before one gains the ability to expand its full potential. Stephen’s integral teaching emphasizes the re-discovering of the merge between body-movement & breath as a gateway into the deeper realms of the practice.

Stephen’s philosophical approach is influenced by studies in Classical Yoga, Buddhism & Tantra, but also by his on going interests in modern arts-, writings & contemporary lifestyles. His earlier studies in design, photography & architecture are still present in the way he captures life’s phenomena’s visually & how they trained his optical sense to see the beauty in the ordinary of the daily life.

In the passing on of his own practice experiences, he emphasizes a synthesis of the ancient wisdoms of Asana, Pranayama, Chanting, Kriya & Meditation with the study of traditional & contemporary philosophy as well as the devotional practices. It's his intention of integrating yoga into modern life & life in all of its forms into Yoga, rather than seeing them as separating each other.

His classes are led in a spirit of joy, clarity & sacredness. He encourages the students to find their own path through dedication, discipline and surrender to practices that are suited to them.

Stephen offers respect and gratitude for his root teacher Tiwari-ji and those who continue to influence him over his many years of study, including, Sri.K. Patthabi Jois, Richard Freeman, Paul Dallaghan and Patrick Creelman.

Stephen currently divides time between his training and retreat schedule (European & Asian) and regular classes and workshops at Airyoga based in Zurich, Switzerland, where he lives with his wife Manuela.